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Innovation is viewed as the result of a set of economic and socio-technical interactions. These irrigate the organization, but extend beyond its borders, which themselves have become porous. This issue of Innovations, Revue d’Economie et de Management de l’Innovation includes two special sections that analyze the complexity of this innovative organization. The first focuses on knowledge communities, both within and outside the organization, which play the role of “accelerators of innovation and creativity” but which raise many issues related to the coordination, use or ownership of the knowledge produced. The second section presents agile innovation as a “link activator”, i.e. as the ability of an organization to interact with all stakeholders related to creativity and innovation

This journal is devoted to promoting a debate on innovation, both theoretical and empirical. It is keen to promote a multidisciplinary approach and methodology which illustrate firms' technological opportunities, organizational strategies and integrated management of research and development projects, marketing and finance. Read more...
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