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In the various economic, social and health crises that have occurred since the end of the 20th century, the agricultural and food world has had to face many social, environmental and economic challenges. The entire value chain of agri-food systems is concerned: consumers, enterprises, farmers, associations and decision-makers. The need to rethink food systems, which has become almost unanimous, forces existing modes of production to change and gives rise to new farming systems (e.g. urban agriculture) and new forms of consumption and distribution. The authors of this thematic issue of Innovations, Revue d’économie et de management de l’innovation explore different types of innovations, from technological innovations to social innovations based on civil society, and various initiatives that make up food systems. The authors shed light on the current dynamics of innovation within food systems in terms of sustainability and on the role of the actors (entrepreneurs, associations, public authorities) involved in them: from varietal selection to consumption.

This journal is devoted to promoting a debate on innovation, both theoretical and empirical. It is keen to promote a multidisciplinary approach and methodology which illustrate firms' technological opportunities, organizational strategies and integrated management of research and development projects, marketing and finance. Read more...
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