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This paper deals with the way Max Weber sketches out the intricate development from political community to modern State during which three processes, that is, the monopolization of legitimate coercion, monopolization, and rationalization of law, are closely linked. Princely patrimonialism represents the first and significant step with its claim to public order, the beginning of the bureaucratization of its administrative bodies and the systematization of law by professional lawyers, although the results were limited both in terms of dominance of the central power and law unification. The French Revolution is viewed as the most significant step: it ruined the basis of traditional order, giving way to expanded centralization and concentration of power which led to the establishment of state control over law, the juridification of the State and the extension of bureaucratization. The modern State is considered the product of an overall process of rationalization characteristic of the Western world with formal rationality at the core which is, in Weber


  • Bureaucratization
  • law codification
  • political community
  • establishing state control
  • juridicization
  • patrimonialism
  • rationalization
  • formal rationality
  • Max Weber
François Chazel
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