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Unaccompanied minors are children and adolescents who have left their countries and find themselves in a foreign country without a reference adult. They present high rates of psychiatric symptoms with complex psycho-traumatic, transcultural, family, educational, and judicial entanglements. The NatMIE clinical program was created in 2015 in Cochin Hospital in Paris to meet the specific needs of unaccompanied minors. It is a joint psychiatrist-psychologist consultation that also involves the professional who accompanies the young person on a daily basis, facilitating institutional work. The transcultural approach proves to be essential, alongside the systematic contribution of a cultural mediator. The narrative approach provides continuity and coherence to a fragmented life history, in particular through objects of mediation. It is a setup that calls on several approaches: psychiatric and psychological, transcultural, narrative, and institutional.

  • minor
  • foreigner
  • culture
  • unaccompanied minor
  • psychic trauma
  • adolescent
  • narrativity
  • migrant
  • child welfare
  • transcultural
Selim Benjamin Guessoum
Fatima Touhami
Rahmeth Radjack
Marie Rose Moro
Sevan Minassian
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