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Each year, one in ten students is bullied at school. While the phenomenon has finally been recognized by the French authorities, as shown by the recent implementation of the pHARe system, it is still a cause for concern, because it is exponentially amplified by social networks, to the point that some victims consider suicide. How can we explain this specific violence? What are the new forms of bullying, such as cyberbullying? How can we fight against these behaviors, which have such serious consequences, including in the long term? Should peers be involved, at the risk of making them too responsible? In the field, teachers and associations have been working for about ten years, often inspired by the practices of the Nordic countries. This issue of L’école des parents takes stock of the situation and suggests ways to end this scourge.

This refereed journal on parenting and education gives a voice to experts and actors in the field in order to analyze family-related changes and promote innovative practices. Read more...
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