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L'école des parents is a refereed journal on parenting and education. It gives a voice to experts and actors in the field in order to analyze family-related changes and promote innovative practices. It is coedited by FNEPE (National Federation of Schools, Parents, and Educators) and les éditions érès.

The journal is released on a quarterly basis and publishes a book on a topic linked to parenting twice annually. It is composed of four main sections.

The first section is devoted to current events and offers a major interview with a public figure who is keenly aware of educational matters, the deciphering of a film by the psychoanalyst Serge Tisseron, a column on the parents-school relationship by Philippe Meirieu, conference proceedings, etc.

This is followed by a complete file of 30 pages—the heart of the journal—which delves into a family and education related societal topic through the use of surveys, interviews, reports, and contributions by experts (psychiatrists, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, etc.).

The third is composed of reports on innovative field activities, with the aim of promoting and sharing them (i.e. the activities of schools, parents, and educators, but also those of other associations and educational establishments, etc.).

Lastly, the practical section offers readers healthcare consultations, advice on family law, and a choice of mediation tools and books that are useful for professionals who work in the social field.

Editorial Board

Michel Wawrzyniak (publication director), Anne Lanchon (editor-in-chief), Adriana Bagnulo, Jean Chambry, Artemis Chrysovitsanou, Alexandra Christides, Sylvie Companyo, Isabelle Gravillon, Bruno Jarry, Anne Lamy, Anne Le Pennec, Noémie Offret, Blandin Sagot, Régine Scelles.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including L'école des parents, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0424-2238
Online ISSN : 2491-2875
Publisher : ERES

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