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As an international journal covering sociological research and synthesis up until 1987, and social science research and synthesis since then, L'Homme et la Société has always asserted its very broad epistemological ambitions. Nevertheless, a very minor place has been given to psychoanalysis and its developments for reasons which, a posteriori, seem to reveal the global ideological affiliations and divisions created at the height of structuralism, as well as the intellectual and political convictions of the editorial team.

Editorial Board

Founding member: Serge JONAS and Jean PRONTEAU

Directors: Pierre BRAS and Judith HAYEM

Reading Committee: Michel ADAM, Pierre ANSART, Elsa ASSIDON, Solange BARBEROUSSE, Denis BERGER, Alain BIHR, Monique CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU, Catherine COLLIOT-THÉLÈNE, Catherine COQUERY-VIDROVITCH, Christine DELPHY, René GALLISSOT, Michel GIRAUD, Gabriel GOSSELIN, Madeleine GRAWITZ, Colette GUILLAUMIN, Serge JONAS, Serge LATOUCHE, Jürgen LINK, Richard MARIENSTRAS, Sami NAÏR, Gérard RAULET, Robert SAYRE, Benjamin STORA, Nicolas TERTULIAN

Editorial Committee: François Athané, Marc BESSIN, Pierre BRAS, Francesca BRAY, Patrick CINGOLANI, Laurence COSTES, Christophe DAUM, Véronique DE RUDDER, Claude DIDRY, Camille DUPUY, Jean-Pierre DURAND, Jean-Pierre GARNIER, Dominique GLAYMANN, Gaëtan FLOCCO, Bernard HOURS, Aziz JELLAB, Michel KAIL, Pierre LANTZ, Florent LE BOT, Margaret MANALE, Louis MOREAU DE BELLAING, Numa MURARD, Nia PERIVOLAROPOULOU, Thierry POUCH, Pierre ROLLE, Laurence ROULLEAU-BERGER, Monique SELIM, Richard SOBEL, Sophie WAHNICH, Claudie WEILL

Editorial Secretariat: Jean-Jacques DELDYCK (


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including L'Homme et la société, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0018-4306
Online ISSN : 2101-0226
Publisher : L'Harmattan

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