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Because their life expectancy is significantly greater thanks to the use of tri-therapies since 1996, HIV-sero-discordant couples in which the man is infected, are more and more interested in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART). Atthouh the couples are often fertile, such techniques minimize the risk of viral transmission to the woman and to the child. Potential psychological difficulties resulting from such treatments have not yet been specifically studied. Our aim was to assess the psychological status and parental project of sero-discordant couples who request ART to procreate and the development of their babies at birth and during their first months of life. The couples were evaluated immediately after their inclusion in the protocol with the help of a standardized clinical interview (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV), self-report questionnaires (Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire and The Dyadic Adjustment Scale). A second clinical, standardized interview, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, was completed with the women during their sixth month of pregnancy. The last assessment for the couple took place using the same tools during the first two years post-partum. The children’s development was assessed clinically with the Bayley Developmental Scale, the revised Brunet-Lézine Test, the Baby Alarm Distress Scale and the revised Denver questionnaire which were completed by both parents. 173 couples were included, 165 having used ART. Fifty-two percent of the couples gave birth to a child within the protocol period. No sero-conversion was noted. The couples studied did not show more psychiatric disorders than seen in the general population. 102 babies were born, of whom 45 have been assessed. All babies except for two twins, presented normal psychomotor development. This study demonstrates the importance of ART in HIV sero-discordant couples as regards their child-bearing projects. Furthermore, this is the first study to show the normal development of children so conceived.


  • Assisted Reproductive Techniques
  • HIV virus
  • Planning for a child
  • AIDS
Bernard Golse
Antoine Guedeney
Pierre Jouannet
Joël Coste
Jean-Louis Goeb
Sophie Férel
Johanna Guetta
Juliette Guibert
Emmanuel Dulioust
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