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From the concept of the ‘deficient’ parent to one in need of ‘parenting-functions support’, past decades have seen considerable evolution in the conception of roles of different agents in the field of child protection.This new approach to understanding the parents’ role recognizes the need to identify the resources and skills of parents, as well as the need to ensure their participation, indeed partnership, in processes of evaluation and intervention. The articles put together by Monique Robin and Diane Dubeau in the dossier ‘Child Protection : Rethinking the Role of the Parents’ examine the changing political discourse about suppport to parenting and look at the challenges facing professionals in their day-to-day practices of intervention. They spell out various original initiatives that aim to improve support to families by counting on their resources, proposing specific services only as and when necessary.
This journal is the only francophone scientific journal that exclusively publishes research in the field of education within the family and socio-educational interventions for families. Read more...
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