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Based on a survey conducted through semi-directive interviews with 31 parents of about thirty years old, from various social backgrounds and whose offspring do not have any particular health problems, this article aims to analyse the role played by physicians in the ordinary exercise of the “parenting profession” (Gojard, 2010). The contemporary context is characterised by a trend towards medicalisation which is reflected, in the field of family education, in the development of a medical discourse on almost all aspects of child rearing. However, the extension of health professionals’ expertise does not result in parents having to deal with it in its entirety or in a same manner. The analysis reveals that, for reasons and in varying conditions depending not only on the different social backgrounds, the scope of action of physicians remains relatively “controlled” by parents and that, in most cases, they are given a fairly limited role in the educational process of their children.

  • medicalisation
  • parental education
  • families’ relation to health
  • doctor
Anne Pellissier-Fall
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