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The monthly journal le Carnet/PSY is an essential tool for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and all others involved in the mental health field. Our journal examines current therapeutic issues for patients at all stages of life. Written by health care professionals for health care professionals, le Carnet/PSY gets to the heart of their practical, didactic, and scientific concerns. Students and practitioners finally have a guide through the maze of information and elements of critical thought. Complemented by its interactive website, le Carnet/PSY now constitutes a vital forum for training and research.

Each month, the journal guides its subscribers through the maze of sensitive information by providing:

  • - A national and international calendar of important events (colloquiums, conferences, seminars, and training sessions, categorized by topic);
  • - A complete list of the month’s publications (books, journals, articles, multimedia);
  • - Book and colloquium reviews;
  • - Profiles of institutions, associations, etc.;
  • - Specialized sections (Exhibition, panorama of journals, Film Review, etc.);
  • - In-depth articles on current research;
  • - Thematic papers edited by an expert;
  • - Interviews with key figures;
  • - The history of psychoanalysis as told by Alain de Mijolla in his column Le temps qui passe...; and
  • - The presentation of a pertinent mental health website in the “Site of the Month” section edited by Sylvain Missonnier.

Editorial Board

Publication and Editorial Manager: Kevin Hiridjee.

Editorial Coordinator, Calendar, and Advertising Manager: Lucie Saurel

Scientific and Editorial Board:
Pr Jacques André - Université Paris-Diderot
Pr Marie-Frédérique Bacqué - Université de Strasbourg
Dr Gérard Bayle - SPP, ETAP
Dr Alain Braconnier - Centre Philippe Paumelle
Pr Catherine Chabert - Université Paris Descartes
Pr Pierre Delion - CHU Lille
Pr Pierre Ferrari - Pr Honoraire Fondation Vallée
Pr Bernard Golse - Université Paris Descartes, Hôpital Necker
Dr Patrice Huerre - Maison de l’adolescent 92
Pr Roland Jouvent - Hôpital Salpêtrière, CNRS
Dr Vassilis Kapsambelis - Centre Philippe Paumelle
Pr Serge Lebovici ✝
Pr François Marty - Université Paris Descartes
Pr Sylvain Missonnier - Université Paris Descartes
Pr Marie Rose Moro - Maison de Solenn
Pr François Richard - Université Paris Diderot
Pr René Roussillon - Université Lyon 2
Sylvie Séguret - Hôpital Necker
Pr Daniel Widlöcher - Pr Honoraire Hôpital La Salpêtrière
Pr Édouard Zarifian ✝

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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Le Carnet PSY, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1260-5921
Online ISSN : 2107-0954
Publisher : Le Carnet PSY

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