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1What is left of what has been called "the Left" for two centuries? What is exactly does the term mean at the present time? What in particular does it mean in France? The acceleration of history over the past thirty years has often led us to deal with such questions in the pages of Le Débat. We naturally submitted them to our friend Jacques Juilliard when, at the start of last year, a large volume of his work appeared, dedicated to the history of the French Left (see our interview with him, "A Tomb for the Left," Le Débat172 (November-December 2012)). But their importance, as well as the importance of his book made it worth extending this first exchange by having a larger discussion, one open to outside perspectives. We very much thank Guillaume Bachelay, Alain Bergounioux, Paolo Flores d’Arcais, Sudhir Hazareesingh, Ernst Hillebrand, and Alain-Gérard Slama for offering their points of view, and Jacques Julliard for having participated in this additional inquiry.



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