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Le Divan Familial is a family psychoanalysis journal founded in 1998 by the Société Française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique (SFTFP). Faced with changes in the modern family and new types of mental illness encountered by individuals, the journal is a place for reflecting on appropriate theoretical and therapeutic practices. In each issue, psychoanalysts, family therapists, and researchers exchange their viewpoints about a specific topic.

Editorial Board

Journal Director: Anne Loncan

Editor in Chief: Didier Pilorge

Editorial Committee: Lucien Chomy, Elisabeth Darchis, Evelyn Granjon, Anne-Marie Guerhia, Laurence Knéra, Alain Lafage, Michèle Lamothe-Jeanperrin, Carine Maraquin, Martine Mercier, Françoise Mevel, Gérard Mevel, Jean-Louis Sourgen.

Scientific Committee: : Françoise Aubertel, David Benhaïm, Michèle Bertrand, André Carel, Gilles Catoire, Bernard Chouvier, Albert Ciccone, Patrice Cuynet, Alain Ducousso-Lacaze, Bernard Duez, Alberto Eiguer, Eduardo Grinspon, Guy Gimenez, Marie-Elisabeth Handmann, Didider Houzel, Rosa Jaïtin, Christiane Joubert, René Kaës, Alberto Konicheckis, Edith Lecourt, Denis Mellier, Sylvain Missonnier, Jean-Pierre Pinel, Odile Reveyrand-Coulon, Ouriel Rosenblum, Daniel Sibertin-Blanc, André Sirota, Massimiliano Sommantico, Henri Sztulman, Claudine Vacheret, Jean-Pierre Vidal, Régine Waintrater, Abdessalem Yahyaoui.


Code of conduct

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Le Divan familial, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1292-668X
Online ISSN : 2118-1942
Publisher : In Press

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