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“New” forms of the family are very successful and their designations are increasing: single, gay or lesbian, etc. In contribution to this debate, this paper presents four methods of family configuration of non-Western peoples and their arrangements for symbolic attachments in order to analyse our own “family narratives”, our own fantasies of the “family” to answer the question: to whom belong today’s sons? “Today” is not simply a marker of time but above all a category of analysis that aims to transform our traditional notion of family structure and to make the social image of the pater familias decline. Reconstituted or redesigned, today we still want “the family”. Why? It may be because we have not been able to design another institution that guarantees the irreducibility of psychic transmission. The authors then conclude with three consequences of the uncertainties of attachment: the widespread desire for “family”, the issues for children in blended families and the emergence of a truly contemporary phenomenon: the child-symptom.


  • family
  • forms of the family
  • the child-symptom
  • conditions of education
Leandro de Lajonquière
Marcelo Ricardo Pereira
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