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The Anthropocene looms as a time of collapse. Yet, it seems to us that it is already the result of previous collapses, which are of a spiritual and psychic nature, that shall be analyzed in order to think of an education that restores the necessary strengths. Children and adolescents are now in a special position: over-protected, over-informed, they are at the same time “excluded” from the political life, especially in terms of ecology, which concerns them primarily. It is then about how to help them feel, think, and participate. In our view, education is already a struggle, given that it has to go against the virtualization and abstraction of our lives, and rebuild a power of feeling. Will be resistant those who are “grounded” enough. This grounding is not only a grounding in nature, it is also a grounding in life. It is important that children and adolescents feel the “pleasure of being” in order to experience the “desire to be” and to will for the world to be.


  • collapses
  • virtualization
  • abstraction
  • rootedness
  • sensitivity
  • desire of being
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