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Les Études sociales publishes works on the social sciences (from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries), focusing on their actors and institutions, their theories and methods, their fields of action, and their social issues. The journal emphasizes the study of the investigative approaches of the social sciences and their involvement in the field of education. It is also open to studies on the contemporary social sciences from a historical perspective. Its multidisciplinary editorial board brings together specialists from different fields (social and cultural history, economic and financial history, history of law, political philosophy, sociology and educational sciences, and literature). An expert committee helps in defining the journal’s editorial line.

Author recommendations

The journal publishes thematic special reports made up of 8–10 articles of 40,000–50,000 characters. It also welcomes varia within the same volume. Proposals for articles and special reports, accompanied by a brief outline of the argument, should be addressed to the editorial office.

The journal contains two permanent sections: “Social sciences archives,” which welcomes annotated papers, and “Le Play working group” which gives information on current studies relating to Le Play and his school of thought.

Editorial Board

Publication director: Antoine Savoye (Circeft, Paris 8)

Editor-in-chief: Matthieu Béra (Irdap, Bordeaux)

Editorial secretary: Marine Dhermy-Mairal (Institut Paul Bairoch, Geneva)

Editorial committee:
Sarah Al-Matary (Ihrim, Lyon 2), Frédéric Audren (Cnrs, Ecole de droit, Sciences Po), Matthieu Béra (Irdap, Bordeaux), Matthieu Brejon de Lavergnée (Centre d’histoire du 19ème siècle, Paris 4), Guillaume Bridet (Cptc, Université de Bourgogne), Fabien Cardoni (Igpe, ministère de l’Economie et des Finances), Anne-Sophie Chambost (Cercrid, Université Jean-Monnet), Alain Chenu (Osc, Sciences Po), Fatiha Cherfouh (Institut d’histoire du droit, Paris 5), Raymond Dartevelle (Idhe, Paris 1), Marine Dhermy-Mairal (Institut Paul Bairoch, Geneva), Nathalie Duval (Centre d’histoire du 19ème siècle, Paris 4), Mélanie Fabre (Cespra, Ehess), Louise Ferté (Recifes, Université d'Artois), Laetitia Guerlain (CAHD, Bordeaux), Thomas Hirsch (Gehm, Ehess), Dominique Ottavi (Cref, Paris-Nanterre), Mélanie Plouviez (Crhi, Nice Sophia Antipolis), Michel Prat (Cedias, Paris), Antoine Savoye (Circeft, Paris 8).

Foreign Correspondents:
Matthieu Brejon de Lavergnée (DePaul College, Chicago), Frédéric Parent (Université du Québec à Montréal), Maria-Rosa Protasi (Università La Sapienza, Roma), Cécile Rol (Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany).


Code of conduct

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Les Études Sociales, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0014-2204
Online ISSN : 2428-3509
Publisher : Société d'économie et de science sociales

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