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The international journal Les Sciences de l’éducation – Pour l’Ère nouvelle was established in 1967 by Professor Gaston Mialaret, who in the same year also co-founded the academic discipline of education sciences in France. The journal therefore owes the first part of its name to the context surrounding its establishment: the institutional emergence of education sciences. The second part of the journal’s name is inherited from the title of the international journal, Pour l’Ère nouvelle (“for the new era”), established in 1922 by the Ligue internationale d’éducation nouvelle (International League for New Education).

The journal is currently published by the Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche normand en éducation et formation (Normandy Interdisciplinary Center for Education and Training) (CIRNEF EA 7454), and is among the reference journals featuring on the Hcérse (previously AERES) and CNU lists, which evaluate and assess the quality of research and higher education institutions.

Les Sciences de l’éducation – Pour l’Ère nouvelle is one of the most important international French-language research and education journals and offers meaningful contributions to the development of the academic discipline from which it takes its name.

Seeking to re-establish the diversity of research positions in the field of education, the journal embraces the different sub-disciplines of the field (including the sociology of schools, adult education, and comparative education) and the wide variety of epistemological positions that intersect these.

The journal publishes four issues a year and has its own website ( that provides access to the tables of contents of issues since 1989, and the abstracts of the articles within them in French, English, and Spanish. This site also contains useful information for authors wishing to submit an article proposal to the journal, order an issue, or purchase a subscription.

Articles that have been published in the journal since 2005 are also available for download from

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Julie Delalande (Professor, education sciences, Caen)

Associate editors: Jean-Yves Bodergat (Lecturer emeritus, education sciences, Caen), Henri Peyronie (Professor emeritus, education sciences, Caen)

Publication director: Thierry Piot (Professor, education sciences, Caen)

Technical director and publishing manager: Christine Seux (Research Officer, Humanities and Social Sciences, Caen)


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Les Sciences de l'éducation - Pour l'Ère nouvelle, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0755-9593
Online ISSN : 2259-3764

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