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In this short article, we show that Sweden’s strategy differs from the action taken in other countries due to its consistency. First, in its historical consistency: it decided on measures beforehand to prepare for this type of crisis, whereas many other countries chose to improvise in the face of a situation considered unprecedented. And second, in its strategic consistency in the measures it took throughout the period: it refused to deviate from the line set despite the numerous internal and external pressures exerted on the Swedish authorities and in particular on the Public Health Agency (the Folkhälsomyndigheten, FMH for short), which was in charge of managing the crisis. This was unlike other countries, which seemed to chop and change their decisions as the virus evolved. It is not our intention to comment on the merits of the measures taken or their effectiveness. Instead, we aim to highlight the uniqueness of the Swedish strategy from the point of view of collective action and public policy.

  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • herd immunity
  • crisis management
  • lockdown
Henri Bergeron
Olivier Borraz
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