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Co-published by Editions de Santé and Presses de Sciences Po, Sève (Santé: Enjeux, Visions, Equilibres) endeavors to develop a multidisciplinary, forward-looking and unrestricted approach to health and health insurance. The purpose is to open new forums for discussion, create a space for reflection and exchange, and help provide necessary tools to understand the current situation and ongoing field developments.

Placed under the editorial responsibility of Didier Tabuteau, Sève’s editorial committee is composed of professionals of all perspectives. Each issue begins with two sections that serve as professional and multidisciplinary “monitors.” Look-Out, focuses on the current situation of health professionals, and Focus, is dedicated to European and international issues and recent works by economists and lawyers in the health care field. They are followed by a selection of articles related to a unifying theme, expressing wide-ranging, contradictory or complementary perspectives. Health professionals, researchers, administrators, economists, lawyers, historians, sociologists, philosophers, small business owners, association representatives, politicians . . . all those involved in the health care field are invited to express their opinion in Sève. Next, an interview with an individual who works outside the health care field provides a fresh perspective. Finally, the Document sequence reveals some milestones in the construction of the health care system. A quarterly journal, Sève thus contributes to the analysis and forecasting of health issues, provides input of ideas regarding these challenges, and allows readers to share in, what Victor Hugo called, “the intellectual sap [sève] of society.”

Editorial Board

Publication Director: Dominique Dupont

Editor in Chief: Didier Tabuteau

Editorial Committee: François Bourdillon, Pierre-Louis Bras, Etienne Caniard, Dominique Dupont, Anne Laude


Mailing Address :

Editions de santé

28, avenue de Messine

75384 Paris Cedex 08, France



Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Les Tribunes de la santé, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1765-8888
Online ISSN : 2105-2182
Publisher : Global Média Santé

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