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Pedagogical innovation is gradually taking shape in the field of training and teaching because it enables new challenges to be met in the digital age. These challenges are both the appropriation of new digital tools but also the rethinking of a value-added presence. It will therefore be a case of capturing attention and provoking changes of state of mind, getting used to new methodologies of work, and concretizing theoretical learning. In this context, the hackathon in design thinking mode represents a vector of training that allows both methodological and behavioral skills to be acquired at the same time. This article presents the characteristics and contributions of this practice by analyzing a real-life experiment with an audience of HR practitioners, company employees, teacher-researchers, and students. The analysis shows that during the event, the formula allows each participant to adopt complementary learning postures as evoked by Kolb’s experiential learning cycle (1984). Thus, beyond knowledge, methods and behaviors are acquired to form the basis of new skills.

Olfa Gréselle-Zaïbet
Aurélie Kleber
Cécile Dejoux
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