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For four decades now, the MAUSS (Mouvement anti-utilitariste en sciences sociales) has been at the heart of the debates in so-cial sciences in France and in French-speaking countries. While this landmass of works has found resonance and relays in Latin countries such as Italy as well as across South America, it has barely percolated across the language and cultural barrier into English – and therefore international – scholarship. For those of us who do, within the MAUSS, publish in English, how often have we been obliged to dis-appoint interest in this perspective because of the unfortunate una-vailability of core MAUSS texts? This is the aim of the MAUSS In-ternational journal: To bring MAUSS-branded scholarship to a truly international audience and thereby partake more forcefully in the important debates in social sciences today.

Editorial Board

Founding Director: Alain Caillé

Publication Director: Philippe Chanial

Editors-in-Chief: François Gauthier, Ilana F. Silber, Frédéric Vandenberghe

Editorial Advisory Board: Archer Margaret, Arnason Johann, Alexander Jeffrey, Arnsperger Christian, Bruni Luigino, Craig Calhoun, Clemens Elisabeth, Coleswothy Rebecca, Collins Randall, Colliot-Thélène Catherine, Connel Raewyn, Delanty Gerard, Donati Pierpaolo, Dubet François, Ezzine Abdelfattah, Fraser Nancy, Gorski Phil, Hanafi Sari, Hudson Michael, Illouz Eva, JI Zhe, Joas Hans, Keen Steve, Khosrokavar Farhad, Le Breton David, Massiah Gus, Morin Edgar, Parry Jonathan, Puett Michael, Pyyhtinen Olli, QU Jingdong, Rawls Ann, Sayer Andrew, Richard Sennet, Slater Don, Spickard James V., Tavory Iddo, Wagner Peter, Wang Mingming, Wittrock Björn, Zelizer Viviana

Friends of the MAUSS: Adloff Frank, Anspach Mark, Arvanitis Rigas, Azam Geneviève, Benarrosh Yolande, Berthoud Gérald, Daniel Cefaï, Carvalho de França Filho Genauto, Dufoix Stéphane, Godbout Jacques T., Fistetti Francesco, Hamayon Roberte, Hart Keith, Humbert Marc, Ahmet Insel, Kauffman Laurence, Laval Christian, Laville Jean-Louis, Lazzeri Christian, Martins Paulo Henrique, Mouffe Chantal, Scubla Lucien, Servet Jean-Michel, Vatin François

In Memoriam: Mary Douglas, Michel Freitag, David Graeber, Marcel Hénaff, Albert O. Hirschmann, Elena Pulcini, Marshall Sahlins


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Mauss international, is available on this page.

Other information

Publisher : Editions Le Bord de l’eau

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