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In institutions and organizations (government, organizations, enterprises, social services, etc.), reporting has become a widespread professional practice and is considered to be a valuable tool for decision-making. Indissociably descriptive and evaluative, the state of art proposed there can be put at the service of recommendations formulated more or less explicitly. This kind of document is characterized by various forms of heterogeneity (enunciative, textual, semiotic), which are at the same time linked to its conditions of production and to the intrication of its different aims. This issue of the journal Mots. Les langages du politique purposes to interrogate the inscriptions in discourse of this twofold descriptive and prescriptive aim, and rely on the hypothesis that these pragmatic characterizations define a genre or a “macro-genre”, beyond the forms of textual structure that it could enfold. It also envisages the use that can be made of it as a tool for communication, promotion, even strategic positioning, or its effects on decision-making in institutions and organizations.
This journal falls within the scope of an interdisciplinary perspective between Language Sciences, Political Science, and Information and Communication Sciences. Read more...
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