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Founded in 1998 by Gilbert Wasserman, the journal Mouvements feeds into the social, cultural, and political debate from a firmly leftist point of view. Behind the journal is a team with a diversity of socioprofessional and political backgrounds. Mouvements closely examines the changes taking place in French society; topics as diverse as workforce flexibility, education, the changes in Eastern Europe, expertise, family, an alternative to social liberalism, hip hop, and humanitarian aid have formed the basis for thematic dossiers containing in-depth, original articles.

Mouvements works in its own way toward a revival of leftist thinking, promoting a resolutely reform-based approach based on a radical end goal of transforming society—an approach that constantly brings together resistance and planning, protest and alternatives, audacity and transformative realism.

Apart from a thematic dossier, each issue contains various sections, allowing the big political, cultural, and societal issues of the day to be addressed, including an in-depth interview with a prominent scholar, along with an overview of current debates in the various EU Member States. Finally, each issue also contains reviews of the latest book publications.

Mouvements is published with support from the Centre national du livre.

Editorial Board

Founder: Gilbert Wasserman †

Editors-in-Chief: Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Catherine Achin, Olivier Roueff

Managing Editor: Stéphanie Chevrier

Editorial Committee :

Viviane Albenga, Amin Allal, Fabrice Andréani, Armelle Andro, Barnabé Binctin, Vincent Bourdeau, Noëlle Burgi, Marie-Claire Calmus, Marion Carrel, Jim Cohen, Simon Cottin-Marx, Agnès Deboulet, Pauline Delage, Renaud Epstein, Julienne Flory, Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Clément Gérôme, Anahita Grisoni, Nacira Guénif, Nicolas Haeringer, Irène Jami, Yves Jouffe, Pierre-André Juven, Antoine Lagneau, Noé Le Blanc, Stéphane Le Lay, Philippe Marlière, Sarah Mazouz, Olivier Michel, Marie Montagnon, Patricia Osganian, Samira Ouardi, Juliette Rennes, Patrick Simon, Julien Talpin, Sylvia Zappi.

Editorial staff : Claire Aubert, Félix de Meyer / KERFAD

Instructions to Authors

– The title of your paper should be short and, to the extent possible, reflect the political issue at stake in your contribution. Please avoid the use of textual footnotes. Bibliographic references, which should take the form of footnotes, should be limited. The use of academic jargon should be avoided wherever possible.

– The text of the article should be printed on one side of the page only, each page containing approximately 1,500 characters, or 25 lines of around 60 characters each.

– If you submit your text by email, please send two versions as attachments: one an MS Word/Mac document, and one an RTF file.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Mouvements, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1291-6412
Online ISSN : 1776-2995
Publisher : La Découverte

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