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NECTART is a biannual journal that focuses on the issues raised by the major changes currently taking place in the domains of art, culture, and technology (particularly digital technology). This focus is reflected in the journal’s name, NECTART, which stands for Nouveaux Enjeux dans la Culture, Transformations Artistiques et Révolution Technologique (New Cultural Issues, Artistic Transformations, and the Technological Revolution). The journal was founded by Éditions de l’Attribut in 2015.

The director of Éditions de l’Attribut and NECTART, Eric Fourreau, and the journal’s editorial committee wanted to provide tools for reflection and keys for analysis in this time of significant change. While these changes can cause feelings of anxiety and a desire to withdraw into oneself, they are also a source of innovation and creativity in many domains, transforming our behaviors, our customs, and the very way we think and act.

NECTART aims to better understand these transformations by presenting around fifteen articles per issue, offering authors space for a carefully constructed argument and analysis, and providing readers with a thoughtful reading experience. In this way, the journal is steadfast in its commitment to the values of the Slow Media movement.

The journal’s authors are made up not only of academics, sociologists, historians, economists, etc., but also of artists, writers, journalists, cultural professionals, and so on. Authors are required to produce clear and robust texts that can be read by a non-specialist audience. Ensuring that there is a balance between the number of articles written by female and male authors is an integral part of developing each issue.


Our journal is:

  • Independent of any external authority, whether that be economic, political, academic, or a media outlet.
  • Critical; since it is designed to serve as a forum for debate, controversies are a natural part of meetings and debates.
  • International in terms of the subjects it tackles, how they are treated, and the origins of its contributors; it discusses issues that go beyond French borders.
  • Pluralist in terms of the range of its contributors (artists, writers, academics, sociologists, cultural professionals, journalists, etc.) and the cross-disciplinary nature of its three pillars: cultural issues, artistic transformations, and the technological revolution.

Editorial Board

Director: Éric Fourreau

Editorial Committee
Christophe Blandin-Estournet, Pascale Bonniel Chalier, Marie-Christine Bordeaux, Jean-Gabriel Carasso, Nicolas Cardou, Philippe Chantepie, Alban Cogrel, Patricia Coler, Gentiane Guillot, Philippe Henry, Frédéric Hocquard, Camille Jutant, Delphine Martincourt, Philippe Mourrat, Emmanuel Négrier, Mathilde Rimaud, Serge Saada, Philippe Teillet, Olivier Thuillas, Emmanuel Wallon


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Nectart, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 2429-2877
Online ISSN : 2554-8441
Publisher : Éditions de l'Attribut

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