CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition

This interview explores the question of the subject. To be a subject does not only mean becoming aware of one’s own “subjugation” processes, it also requires working through issues about oneself. However, companies and modern management practices (but also those of public organizations such as universities) require the subject to incorporate paradoxical constraints, which leads to the emergence of split personalities between their desire to “become a subject” and companies’ paradoxes. The future may be one of “destructive creation” where destructive forces (financial, ecological, psychosocial risks . . .) would blow up modern societies, or the more optimistic one of a step-by-step resolution of problems by successive adjustments. We are neither entirely victims nor entirely guilty. We all share some responsibility in a society where we have to construct new conditions of dignity in our practices and theories.


  • subject
  • paradoxes
  • management
  • work
  • contemporary society
  • dignity
  • organizations
  • destructive creation
Gilles Arnaud
Jean-Philippe Bouilloud
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