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In this article, the authors wish to report the way in which new employees are onboarded into collaborative organizations – on the basis of the conclusions drawn from research works for anact. These works focused on five consulting and service companies, within a cluster. The onboarding of a new employee is a strong issue for the five companies we studied. Nevertheless, some difficulties arise due to a significant turnover and constant changes in the organization. Thus, the integration of new employees mostly takes place informally, on an oral basis and with a brief welcome process – corresponding to the organizational dynamics of these organizations as they undergo changes. Contribution is identified as an essential stake of this kind of organization. In addition to participating in the daily life of the company, everyone is required to contribute individually—practically on a personal level – to developing and animating the model. Contribution includes both the work activity and the operating mode. Newcomers also have to contribute to the definition of the organization’s political project. They have to share the democratic values of the social and solidarity economy. They have to project themselves as future partners in their companies. Most of the time, one is expected to contribute in spite of oneself, insofar as the arrival of newcomers serves as an opportunity for more senior staff to explain, to reinvent, and to update the organizational model and practices.


  • Integration
  • socialization
  • contribution
  • collaborative company
  • action research
  • social and solidarity economy
Frédéric Brugeilles
Clément Brochot
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
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