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The end of the twentieth century saw the emergence of the theme of “suffering at work,” which is not without its challenges. Burnout syndrome gets all the attention, because of its singularity. The ambition, therefore, is to understand what this syndrome can be a symptom of. This leads us to question the phenomenon by placing it in the context of a major civilizational and anthropological evolution impacting the social bond and which would be exploited by the contemporary organization of work. In this perspective, and at the articulation of psychoanalysis and the psychosociology of organizations, our position consists in formulating a critique of new management tools–under which coaching, considered as a personal development tool with great success in business, would be considered as a management technique for the psyche which, far from preserving the subject from exhaustion, could well contribute to further exhaustion.

  • Psychoanalysis
  • psychosociology
  • organization
  • work
  • coaching
  • burnout
Grégory Garel
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