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Five times a year, Population & Avenir publishes clear, high-quality information, analyses, reflections, and arguments illustrated with maps, charts, diagrams, and more. Members of the journal’s editorial board always work closely with authors to revise their submissions. The journal draws on expertise in the field of research for educational purposes in order to provide its readers with key elements for understanding demographic and territorial dynamics. Its detailed articles contribute to the debate on a wide range of issues relating to populations and territories.

Population & Avenir is published in A4 format, large enough for readers to be able to look at any infographics and their accompanying analyses at the same time.

Each issue of Population & Avenir also contains a teaching exercise that is relevant to current education programs. These exercises are aimed at professors of history, geography, economics, and social sciences, but also at pupils and students preparing for exams. They feature several illustrations and include an answer key.

Some of the articles published in Population & Avenir can be accessed in digital format at

Editorial board

Clearly written and independently edited by leading experts, Population & Avenir is published by a non-profit association under the law of 1901, and is chaired by Rector Gérard François Dumont, professor at the Sorbonne (Paris).

Publication Director
Gérard-François Dumont (Sorbonne Université, Paris, France)

Reading Committee

  • • Bernard Aubry (Association de prospective rhénane, Strasbourg, France)
  • • Julien Damon (Sciences Po, Paris, France)
  • • Maria Carella (Université de Bari, Italie)
  • • Virginie Dejoux (Université de Bourgogne, France)
  • • Alfred Dittgen (Université de Paris I, France)
  • • Gwénaël Doré (UMR SADAPT, Université Paris Saclay, INRAE et AgroParisTech, France)
  • • Alexandre Duchesne (AEFE Agence de l’enseignement français à l’étranger)
  • • Marie-Noëlle Duquenne (Université de Thessalie, Volos, Greece)
  • • Gérard-François Dumont (Sorbonne Université, Paris, France)
  • • Philippe Durance (Cnam, France)
  • • María Carmen Faus Pujol (Université Saragosse, Aragon, Spain)
  • • Maryse Gaimard (Université de Bourgogne, France)
  • • Jean-François Léger (Université Paris I, France)
  • • Anne Lévy-Thibert (Sustainable development expert)
  • • John May (George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia, USA)
  • • Yves Montenay (ICES, Paris, France)
  • • Alain Parant (Ined; Futuribles, Paris, France)
  • • Jitka Rychtaříková (Université Charles, Prague, Czech Republic)
  • • Jean-Paul Sardon (Ined, Paris, France)
  • • Josef Schmid (Université Otto-Friedrich de Bamberg, Germany)
  • • Maria Cristina Sousa Gomes (Université d’Aveiro, Portugal)
  • • Majella Simard (Université de Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada)
  • • Kaklamani Stamatina (Université de Crète, Greece)
  • • Mathilde Vignau (ESPI - École supérieure des professions immobilières, Marseille, France)
  • • David Vodisek (Inspecteur pédagogique régional d’histoire-géographie, Lorraine, France)
  • • Agata Warchalska-Troll (Institut du développement urbain et régional, Varsovie, Poland)
  • • Arnaud d’Yvoire (Observatoire des retraites, Paris, France)

Instructions to authors


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Population & Avenir, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0223-5706
Online ISSN : 1968-3952
Publisher : Association Population et Avenir

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