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Pouvoirs is a political science and constitutional law journal founded in 1977. Four issues numbering some two hundred pages are published each year. Two-thirds of the annual publication is devoted to a single theme with the remaining third going to various articles columns, including in each edition the column “Repères étrangers” (Signposts from Abroad) and a “chronique de la vie constitutionnelle de la Ve République” (French Constitutional Column), edited from the beginning by Jean Gicquel.

The choice of themes aims at a balance that is almost always as follows: two issues are devoted to issues of law, political news, and institutions, etc., a third issue has a country theme, and a fourth is devoted to a broader, less usual topic, albeit always focused on analyzing power dynamics.

The editorial committee meets every six to eight weeks to decide on upcoming topics several months in advance. Smaller groups of editors then meet to draw up tables of content. Once these tables of content made up of about a dozen articles each are set, authors are selected. Pouvoirs invites both French and foreign researchers—who may be new to the field or well into their careers—to submit an article. The publication adheres to ideological and scientific plurality.


The wide variety of topics aims to bring to the attention of an academic and educated readership the most recent analyses of institutions and their domains from the point of view of political science or law in countries other than France. Some topics are of interest to post-graduate and graduate students, researchers, and specialists, while others may attract a wider readership. In the latter regard, the journal seeks to expand and promulgate our knowledge of the centers of power.

Editorial Board/Editorial Committee:

Philippe Ardant
Olivier Duhamel

Julie Benetti
Nicolas Molfessis

Digital Editor
Antonin Guyader

Editorial Committee
Nicole Belloubet
Julie Benetti
Myriam Benlolo-Carabot
Antonin Guyader
Thomas Hochmann
Wanda Mastor
Nicolas Molfessis
Géraldine Muhlmann
Olivier Rozenberg
Éric Thiers

Repères étrangers(Signposts from Abroad)
Pierre Astié, Dominique Breillat and Céline Lageot

Chronique constitutionnelle française(French Constitutional Column)
Jean Gicquel and Jean-Éric Gicquel

Editorial Secretary
Benoît Bénard

Instructions to Authors

Article submissions, approximately 25,000 characters in length, are not directed only at researchers and should not be exclusively academic in nature. Care should be taken with regard to readability by a lay audience, and footnotes should be kept to a minimum. The article may be related to a strictly scientific study or may be an essay of a more personal nature.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Pouvoirs, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0152-0768
Online ISSN : 2101-0390
Publisher : Le Seuil

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