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‪This article aims to study how the city makes itself visible and analyzable through its interstitial practices, for instance through the daily actions of its inhabitants as well as through the services provided by various institutions. My focus will be the On Broadway project by Lev Manovich and three New York artists, which visualizes the photographs produced and shared on Instagram by residents and tourists along this New York avenue over a given period of time, connecting them with other data such as private transportation, restaurant attendance, household income, and so on. According to my interpretation, this project aims to problematize the relationship between local and global visions of the city, namely between singular events and collective trends. The article aims to compare Bruno Latour’s thinking with Lev Manovich’s experiences. In the latter’s work, I identify a similar attempt by Latour to construct representations of the world’s cities from what is underground or hidden and to visualize it through diagrams that decompose and recompose the city’s visual and non-visual products. ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

  • visualization
  • image
  • visual semiotics
  • city
  • Manovich (Lev)
  • On Broadway
Maria Giulia Dondero
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