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Drumont’s call to defend « la vieille France » against the « Jewish conquest » is at the heart of a modern French anti-Semitism that invokes a racist conceptualization of the antagonism between the Aryan and Semitic « races », and relies on the myth of a « Jewish conspiracy ». In this configuration, Jews represent at once a foreign and hostile « race » and the incarnation of an occult international force seeking total domination. The negative type of « the Jew » is constructed as a quasi-biological species: morally and intellectually inferior, conspiratorial and parasitic. The spread of such racialized political anti-Semitism is inseparable from the emergence of the ethno-racial nationalism which, at the end of the nineteenth century, forms both a body of doctrines and a project for remaking society’ to defend and protect essential French identity threatened by « Jewish power », a force of domination, dissolution, pollution and destruction.

Pierre-André Taguieff
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