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Within the framework of this overall study, the editorial board wanted to have the role and meaning of the concept of nature in Catholic moral theology elucidated, because it is important to clear up the misunderstandings that can arise from the fact that, on the one hand, new and highly ambiguous naturalisms are today emerging in contemporary culture, while, on the other, Benedict XVI’s pontificate has brought natural law back into the limelight. This concurrence can underwrite considerable confusion and attempts at reappropriation. In order to foil these attempts, it is paramount to analyze the specifically theological elaboration dedicated to the concept of nature in Catholic tradition and then to understand the originality of this “canonical” teaching as represented by scholasticism in order to come to an understanding of how the teleology of nature bears on ethics. On the basis of this approach, we shall see which conclusions may be drawn about the goals that such a position assigns to a moralist today.

Geneviève Médevielle, s.a.
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