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Les Recherches de Science Religieuse (RSR) is a scientific and academic quarterly for researchers in religion, history and philosophy of religions, and theology; and for all curious, inquiring minds who want more than superficial answers to their questions.

Since its inception in 1910, the RSR project has evolved in order to better support the debate regarding big issues affecting our society, humanity, and Christianity. The journal has become a sounding board; a forum for communication and debate in religious science, where multiple issues, discussions, and publications are presented in newsletters (“Bulletins”), which cover all the theological disciplines, and are revisited in newsletters two or three times a year in special reports. These reflect deliberation by the RSR editorial board. Some of the issues form the theme of a biannual RSR meeting, the colloques biannuels, which appeals to a wide audience, before going on to provide fodder for a more specialized readership.

Not a generalist publication, the RSR journal seeks critical thinking within the Christian tradition for dialogue with others struggling with the great issues of the twenty-first century: “How are we going to live together when we do not attach the same meaning to life?” Ethics, sociology, theology, philosophy, and other sciences are welcome to express their thoughts in a rational, well-argued manner, and always in a context of dialogue with one another.

Editorial Board

  • Christophe CHALAMET
  • Jean-François CHIRON
  • Jacques DESCREUX
  • Jean-Marie DONEGANI
  • François EUVÉ
  • Michel FÉDOU
  • Jean GREISCH
  • Vincent HOLZER
  • Dominique IOGNA-PRAT
  • Jean-Louis SOULETIE
  • Marie-Jo THIEL

Editor in chief

Patrick GOUJON


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Recherches de Science Religieuse, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0034-1258
Online ISSN : 2104-3884
Publisher : Centre Sèvres

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