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The journal was created in 1978. It is characterized by an open editorial line, from a thematic, methodological and epistemological point of view. Its objective is to contribute to the unity and openness of management sciences, to the treatment of cross-disciplinary themes, of emerging or innovative issues, and to the scientific quality and rigor in epistemological, methodological and conceptual diversity. Among the cross-cutting themes, the topics of trust, value, and social responsibility have been broached in recent years. As differentiated from most journals published in French, this review makes room to epistemological and methodological articles.

The disciplinary fields cover the main areas of management sciences: strategic management; sales management, marketing and user behavior; financial and accounting management and theory; information systems management; legal and fiscal management; people management, human resources and professional relations management; quantitative research methods and techniques applied to management; qualitative research methods; epistemology; the overall approach to business; international business; industrial systems; public service organizations; and the theory of the firm.

Since its creation, the journal has always published abstracts of each and every article in French, English and Spanish.

Since 2004, the journal has been used to release each year one issue of original articles in English and one issue in Spanish, in addition to four issues per year of original articles in French. Three scientific committees have been set up, composed of French, English and Spanish-speaking scholars. Since 2018, the journal has moved to full digital publication available on major documentary databases.

Since the creation of the journal Sciences de Gestion (Économies et Sociétés collection) in 1978, which became Revue Sciences de Gestion in 2001 and Revue Sciences de Gestion-Management Sciences- Ciencias de Gestión in 2004, we have observed the emergence and development of numerous journals in the field of management sciences, including in French.

  • • The articles published are exclusive and of high scientific quality. They are selected through a triple blind rigorous evaluation by reviewers who are members of one of the three international Scientific Committees, appointed according to the original language of the paper submissions. Reviewers belong to a wide variety of methodological choices, paradigms, research themes, academic institutions and schools > Composition of the scientific committees
  • The journal “Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestión” has been a reference for 44 years thanks to its rigorous practices.
  • • The journal has become a recognized scientific forum, whose editorial policy continues to promote diversity, tolerance, scientific rigor and transdisciplinarity.

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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, is available on this page.

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Publisher : ISEOR

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