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Numerous publications are currently being released on the ageing of the population, the lengthening of careers and the raising of senior employment rates. But very few of these publications address organisational issues. Consequently, knowledge remains insufficient on the late-career management approaches implemented by businesses and business sectors.

This issue of Retraite & Société investigates the organisational practices rolled out by companies, notably from the standpoint of gender. Do companies and business sectors consider all “workers” from the same viewpoint as part of a predominantly male model? Do the personnel policies implemented places equal importance on age and sex? Does asking questions about ageing open up thinking on gender? Behind these questions obviously lies the issue of categorisation in human resources management as well as that of the schemes introduced by the legislature.

This multidisciplinary journal focuses on ageing workers, the transition to retirement and growing old. Read more...
Uploaded on on 12/10/2018
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