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Under the French National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav), the attribution of a survivor’s pension is subject to conditions of age, marriage and resources. Depending on the resources of the potential beneficiary, the pension may be awarded in full, capped, or not awarded at all. Since the creation of the National Old Age Insurance Fund in 1945, the vast majority of recipients of survivor’s pensions (93 %) have been women. Thus, a higher participation of the latter in the working population, coupled with an increase in their personal resources, could lead to a reduction in the proportion of beneficiaries estimated in the long term (proportion among people of the same age who are still alive). In this context, the aim of this research is to study the effect of the improvement in women’s careers on the take-up of the survivor’s pensions by neutralising the effect of demographic factors affecting them (marriage rates and life expectancy). Using a dynamic microsimulation model developed by the National Old Age Insurance Fund, different projection scenarios were explored in order to vary the assumptions underlying these demographic factors and to try to isolate the potential impact of the improvement in women’s careers. The results suggest, however, that for the generations considered in the study, the decrease in the share of survivor’s pension beneficiaries at each projected age is not due to the improvement in women’s careers, but to the sole effect of the demographic changes projected up to 2070.


  • survivor’s pensions
  • individual retirement pension rights
  • dynamicmicrosimulation
Alessandra Di Porto
Nassima Ghernaout
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
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