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The survivor’s pension is not simply a pension granted as a large majority to elderly widows with modest resources; it is the result of occupational, conjugal and wealth courses and, above all, the reflection of a certain perception of society.

This new issue of Retraite et société underscores the importance of the survivor’s pension in France today, as well as the ambiguities it generates through a juxtaposition of disparate approaches according to different schemes, which are often difficult to justify. Moreover, the structural and demographic transformations of recent years are shaking up our systems as imagined and designed in other eras. Through their contributions, the authors of this issue simulate the extension of these transformations and observe possible impacts on the survivor’s pension. They also consider the possible changes to the pension in a context of discussions over a point-based universal pension scheme. And from a more European standpoint, they provide an in-depth analysis of the experiences of Greece and Finland.

This multidisciplinary journal focuses on ageing workers, the transition to retirement and growing old. Read more...
Uploaded on on 17/11/2020
ISBN 9782858231218
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