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The themes covered in this issue reach across the globe. What they have in common are the differences and social inequalities related to ageing. In France, through a qualitative survey, it is found that the understanding and definition of ageing well fluctuates according to the socio-economic differences of individuals. In Switzerland, structural factors in the labour market work against older workers, who are particularly affected by unemployment, and social protection measures are not enough to compensate for the shortcomings at the end of their careers. In Mexico, a country undergoing an accelerated demographic transition, the crisis in social protection is evident and the pension system, which imposes on individuals the responsibility to accumulate savings throughout their lives, greatly increases inequalities. These same inequalities are found in Brazil. Although policy measures to support older persons have been put in place, they largely favour the healthy middle and upper classes. Finally, in Quebec, the way in which ageing North African immigrants, who have generally been de-skilled upon arrival on Canadian soil, organise (or not) their retirement depends very much on their personal life trajectory. Mirroring these papers, an article in the “Focus on” section concerning Algeria reveals that in an unbalanced demographic context, the current pension system is characterised by a fragile financial structure and low population coverage.

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