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Many migrants pursue activities and involvements that link them to people and places beyond the borders of the Nation States in which they reside. How is this form of transnationalism between country of origin and country of residence expressed at retirement? This paper addresses this question, particularly with respect to the life choices that sometimes face immigrants at the end of their working lives: where to live during retirement? The analysis is based on the results of a survey of immigrants and retirement (Passage à la retraite des immigrés) and is divided into three main parts. Firstly, it shows the importance of practices of transmigration, both for working-age people and retirees. Secondly, it reports on the retirement intentions of immigrants living in France, which can be divided into three main choices –staying in France, returning to the country of origin, or a toand- fro solution– and analyses their determinants. Thirdly, it describes individual preferences for the place of burial, which reveal the dual tie to native country and adoptive country and to religion and family. Among the main results that emerge from the survey, the low desire to return to the country of origin and the importance of transmigratory practices should be stressed.

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