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The high levels of job satisfaction reported by SMB owner-managers are strong arguments supporting their special ability to cope with stress at work. Satisfaction would explain their motivation, commitment, and resilience. These arguments are based on a moderating effect exercised by satisfaction upon the effects of stressful professional demands. The aim of this work is to examine this moderating effect of job satisfaction on the effects of role tensions on emotional exhaustion. The analysis of the data collected (n=280) confirms the negative effects of role tensions and emotional exhaustion on job satisfaction. Thus, these findings support the primary role of a resource. However, other findings do not confirm the moderating effect of satisfaction on the relationship between tension and exhaustion. The difference between employees and owners-managers of SMBs is not in the level of satisfaction, but in the relations that define it. Various findings concerning job satisfaction and emotional exhaustion are discussed.

  • Job satisfaction
  • role stress
  • emotional exhaustion
  • JD-R.
Yosr Ben Tahar
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