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La Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat (RE), created within the context of the Académie de l’Entrepreneuriat (AEI), published its first issue in 2001, with Professor Bertrand Saporta as its first editor-in-chief. In succession, Professor Robert Paturel, Professor Alain Fayolle, and Professors Jean-Pierre Boissin, Alain Fayolle, and Karim Messeghem served as the journal’s first co-editors-in-chief, followed by Professors Sylvie Sammut and Didier Chabaud, and then, Professors Céline Barrédy and Bérangère Deschamps, who are currently at the helm. The first director of publication, who would remain so for the first ten years of its operation, was Professor Thierry Verstraete, followed by successive presidents of the AEI: Professors Michel Bernasconi, Didier Chabaud, Jean-Pierre Boissin, and Catherine Léger-Jarniou.
The editorial that brought the journal to life remains the compass that has been left to us to guide RE’s editorial policy:The objective of this new journal is thus quite naturally to go beyond this positioning [Editor’s Note: the ‘folkloric’ positioning of the traditional press] to create a place for debate and reflection using the resources of the scientific method, the objects of which will be the entrepreneur himself, the organisation created or taken over, the processes that preceded, then characterised the entrepreneurial event over its duration, and of course the study of the interactions between these three essential components and the environment in which they exist…


La Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat (RE) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The first 2021 issue offered an opportunity for another celebration: the 200th article published by RE. Rather than offering a narrative retrospective of the journal’s achievements, we opted to concretise the journal and study RE as an object of analysis. Specifically, we decided to study all the articles published in the journal. Over the last 20 years, RE has published 194 articles in 51 issues, including seven double issues. To maintain consistency among the various components of our analysis, we selected only articles that had gone through the review process. This criterion ruled out, in particular, interviews, introductions, and editorials. Initially, we carried out a descriptive analysis of the journal’s evolution, identifying its main contributors, the evolution of the articles published, the most cited authors, and the most frequently addressed themes. Subsequently, we coded each article and its contributors to better highlight the nature of the articles (empirical or conceptual) and their content (themes, methods, level of analysis).

Vincent Lefebvre
Associate Professor, HDR, AUDENCIA
Cécile Fonrouge
Professor, HDR, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
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