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Going digital changed the status of the photo, which now can be stored, published, tagged, circulated through online databases, such as Flickr. Its biography relies on these metadata, which are brought by it. So equipped, the photo gains the power of connecting various social worlds over the social networks. However, the database plays a role of its own that should be accounted for, whether it is a memory database or an action database: its algorithms transform its role. But photos as well as databases would not work at all without the basic element, which is the attribute, the metadata that make all the circulation possible. These attributes act as monads that are extending themselves in an amplified way when digitized.


  • photo
  • database
  • Flickr
  • attributes
  • monad
  • tag
  • mediations
  • digital
  • classification
  • circulation
Dominique Boullier
Maxime Crépel
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