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An international French-language journal, the Revue d’Économie du Développement presents economic analyses applied to international development and international relations, and is a venue for scientific exchange on essential economic issues in international economic development.

The Revue d’Économie du Développement publishes articles that enhance our understanding of economic behavior and mechanisms in countries of varying structures and levels of development, and articles that evaluate the foundations of policies for development and international cooperation.

The Revue d’Économie du Développement is published with the support of the CNRS Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, the Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI) and the French Development Agency (AFD).

The Revue d’Économie du Développement, which has published special issues in English presenting a selection of articles previously published only in French, plans to publish a simultaneous English version in the near future.

In the following issues, the major problems in global economic development are examined by both renowned development specialists and brilliant young economists. The Revue d’Économie du Développement also strives to alter special issues to attract a wider audience and variations which ensure openness and the renewal of topics and methods.

Editorial Committee/Editorial Board

Publication Managers: Lisa Chauvet (IRD, Dial, Paris- Dauphine), Patrick Guillaumont (FERDI, Université Clermont Auvergne), Patrick Plane (CERDI, Université Clermont Auvergne – CNRS) and Grégoire Rota-Graziosi (CERDI, Université Clermont Auvergne – CNRS)

Editorial Secretaries: Mariannick Cornec and Catherine Lefort

Instructions to Authors

Online submission:

- The manuscript must be original; it must not have been previously published in any form, nor simultaneously submitted to another journal for publication.

- The article must be no longer than 30 pages (including abstracts, tables, graphs, notes and references), or around 12,000 words.

- On the first page, below the title, authors must provide:

• The author’s name, position, and professional address

• An abstract in French and in English (include translation of article title), each of which should be no longer than 10 lines

• A list of key words indicating the article’s content (refer to the Journal of Economic Literature classification system)


- The main sections must be clearly separated.

The main sections and sub-sections should be numbered as follows: 1, 1.1, 1.1.1

- Numbered footnotes should be used.

- Bibliographical references must be incorporated into the text, providing the author’s name and the date of publication between parentheses.

The complete bibliographical references must be provided in alphabetical order at the end of the article.

For books, indicate the author’s last name (in capitals), the initial of the author’s first name, the year of publication, the title (in italics), the place of publication, the publisher.

For journal articles, indicate the author’s last name (in capitals), the initial of the author’s first name, the year of publication, the title of the article, the title of the journal (in italics), the volume number, the issue containing the article and the page numbers.


- The proofs will be submitted to the author for layout verification; author corrections are not allowed on the proofs.


Mailing address:


65 boulevard François-Mitterrand

63009 Clermont-Ferrand cedex 1


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue d’économie du développement, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1245-4060
Online ISSN : 1782-1517
Publisher : De Boeck Supérieur

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