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Created in 1977 and published with the support of the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales du CNRS (InSHS-CNRS) and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, the Revue d'Économie Industrielle (REI)) presents the latest work by industrial economists, combining theoretical analysis with descriptions of various economic realities. The aim of the journal is to quickly disseminate industrial economics research developments to an audience of academics and students, but also businesses, and public and private institutions.

Publication decisions, which are made by the Editorial Board, rely on the expertise of a vast network of anonymous reviewers. REI publishes four issues per year, including at least one special edition dedicated to an important issue of theoretical or empirical interest.

The 1977–2005 collection is available online at the website

Recent issues (indexed by article, abstract, author(s), and keywords) are immediately accessible at, or after a period of two years at and

Publication Director

Thierry Pénard (Université de Rennes, CREM-CNRS)

Management Committee

Richard Arena (Université Nice Côte d’Azur, GREDEG)

Christian Longhi (Université Nice Côte d’Azur, GREDEG)

Sylvie Rochhia (Université Nice Côte d’Azur, GREDEG)

Editorial Committee

BENGHOZI Pierre Jean (CRG, Ecole Polytechnique Paris) ; BESSY Christian (IDHES ENS-Paris-Saclay) ; BIONDI Yuri (CNRS-ESCP Europe) ; BRUNO Olivier (Université Nice Côte d’Azur, GREDEG) ; DURAND Cédric (Université Paris 13, CEPN) ; FLACHER David (Université de technologie de Compiègne, COSTECH) ; FRIGANT Vincent (Université de Bordeaux, GRETHA) ; LEVRATTO Nadine (CNRS-EconomiX. Université Paris 10) ; MASSARD Nadine (Université de Grenoble II, GAEL) ; PENARD Thierry (Université de Rennes 1, CREM) ; PENIN Julien (Université de Strasbourg, BETA) ; PLUNKET Anne (Université Paris 11, RITM) ; ROMANI Paul-Marie (Université de Corse) ; SAUSSIER Stéphane (IAE, Université Paris 1) ; STAROPOLI Carine (Université Paris 1, Centre d’économie de la Sorbonne) ; VICENTE Jérôme (Sciences Po Grenoble, PACTE) ; ZIMMERMANN Jean-Benoît (GREQAM, EHESS, Aix Marseille Université)

Scientific Committee

Antonio Andreoni (University of London); Germa Bel (University of Barcelona); Marco Bellandi (University of Firenze); Patrizio Bianchi (University of Ferrara); Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge); Benjamin Coriat (Université Paris 13); Patricia Crifo (Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre la Défense); Marcus Dejardin (Université de Namur et Université Catholique de Louvain); Maryann Feldman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Dominique Foray (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne); Koen Frenken (Utrecht University); Jean-Michel Glachant (European University Institute); William Lazonick (UMass Lowell); Francesco Lissoni (Université de Bordeaux); Bengt-Åke Lundvall (Aalborg University); Luigi Marengo (LUISS University); Allesandro Nuvolari (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa); Pascal Petit (Université Paris 13); Simona Strambach (University of Marburg); Mario Vale (University of Lisbonne); Bruno Van Pottelsbergue De La Potterie (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Instructions for Authors

Articles submitted to Revue d’économie industrielle must be original works that have not yet been published, and must not simultaneously be submitted to another journal. All proposed articles should be submitted on the platform at:

The author needs to register as an “author,” then upload his or her article (to respect the double blind evaluation procedure, please refrain from mentioning author names and institutional affiliations in the text of the manuscript). The author will be able to follow the evaluation process via the platform. Articles must not exceed 75,000 characters (including spaces, tables, formulas, bibliographical references), that is, 25 printed pages.

The following must appear on the cover sheet: the title of the article, two abstracts (one in English and the other in French, each consisting of a maximum of 800 characters), keywords, and heading codes for article classification by the Journal of Economic Literature.

Acceptance of an article for publication implies the automatic transfer of author rights to the Journal, which in return undertakes to offer the widest possible dissemination of the information.

Call for Papers

Special Issue Revue d’Economie Industrielle
“Digital Economics: understanding the economic, social and policy challenges”

The Revue d’Economie Industrielle with the French Association of Research in Digital Economics prepares a special issue on the digital economy and the digital transformations taking place in markets and organizations. The aim of this special issue is to advance our understanding of how digitization changes innovation, production, distribution and consumption, how it affects firms or transforms employment and social relations, and how it questions the role of public policy and the existing regulations.

We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions that span the following topics in particular:

Digital Markets and Digital Business Models,
Economics of Platforms, Digital Communities and Ecosystems,
Regulation, Competition Policy and Industrial Policy in the Digital Era,
Impact of Digitization on innovation, employment, and Firms’ organization,
Digital networks and infrastructure,
Algorithms, artificial intelligence, Personal Data and Privacy.

Submission guidelines

Authors can signal their interest to contribute to the special issue by sending a title and a short summary to and

Full papers should be submitted to, and no later than November 30, 2019.

Accepted papers will be published before the end of 2020.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue d'économie industrielle, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0154-3229
Online ISSN : 1773-0198
Publisher : De Boeck Supérieur

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