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The Revue d’Histoire du XIXe Siècle (RH19) is a semi-annual journal with a Reading Committee. The journal deals with all fields of nineteenth-century history on a global scale. Founded in 1904 by the Société d’histoire de la Révolution de 1848, it became a reference journal for nineteenth-century studies in France, Europe, and outside Europe.

Its unique identity can be attributed, of course, to its chronological place in history, at a time when our contemporaries are both moving away from and drawing closer to the nineteenth century. Reflecting upon the identity of this unique century and its present-day uses is a constituent part of this journal.

However, the Revue d’Histoire du XIXe Siècle is also distinguished by an active dialogue with foreign historiographies. Thus, several issues have been dedicated to British, Italian, and German historiographies, and this perspective will continue to be encouraged in the future. The International Scientific Committee plays an active role in this dialogue and enables original works to be published that have been little known thus far in France.

The identity of RH19 also owes much to disciplinary and generational exchanges. Valuing the scholarship required for any historical survey, the journal encourages dialogue between related disciplines, and works that make use of such exchanges about well-defined topics and sources. The range of possible exchanges is vast, moving from anthropology to law, from political science to sociology, or from literature to art history. The journal also pursues an active policy of publishing original works by young researchers.

RH19 also publishes thematic issues consisting of four separate sections: “Varia,” “Reviews,” “Current Issues and Debates,” and an alternating section entitled “Documents.” The latter two sections are intended both to highlight the expertise and inventiveness of unique sources and encourage critical thinking about new ways of writing history.

Editorial Board

Editorial Committee:
Sylvie Aprile, Fabrice Bensimon, Bruno Bertherat, Philippe Boutry, Jean-Claude Caron, Manuel Charpy, Frédéric Chauvaud, Carole Christen-Lécuyer, Laurent Colantonio, Quentin Deluermoz, Nicole Edelman, Jean-Claude Farcy, Emmanuel Fureix, Laurence Guignard, François Guillet, Louis Hincker, François Jarrige, Dominique Kalifa, Jean-François Klein, Mareike König, Judith Lyon-Caen, Gilles Malandain, Hervé Mazurel, Jeanne Moisand, M’hamed Oualdi, Michèle Riot-Sarcey, Odile Roynette, Christophe Voilliot, Jean-Jacques Yvorel.

Editorial Secretaries:
Manuel Charpy, Emmanuel Fureix.

Publication Director:
Sylvie Aprile.

Instructions to Authors

Texts submitted to the Editors of Revue d’Histoire du XIXe Siècle should be sent in electronic format to:

Articles accepted for publication may not exceed 50,000 characters, spaces, footnotes, tables, graphs and illustrations included. They must be accompanied by an abstract in French and English of 15 lines maximum, which also includes the English translation of the title of the article. The articles must comply with the typographical standards of the journal, which are available on the RH19 website.

Articles submitted for consideration must be accompanied by the authors’ first and last names, professional titles, institutional affiliation and address, and, if possible, a personal telephone number (intended for use by the journal’s editors only), and an Email address.

The articles published by Revue d’Histoire du XIXe Siècle are original texts: the author pledges to grant Revue d’Histoire du XIXe Siècle exclusive rights to his/her text for a period of six months from the date on which it was sent to the Editors of the journal.

Once received, articles submitted for consideration are anonymized and evaluated by two specialists. In light of this evaluation, the Editorial Committee renders its decision regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of the article(s) in question.

Articles relating to the “Documents” and “Current Issues and Debates” sections must comply with specific rules as presented on the website:


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue d’histoire du XIXe siècle, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1265-1354
Online ISSN : 1777-5329
Publisher : Société de 1848

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