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This article analyzes the results of a survey on taxation conducted in France by SOFRES in 2013. It first observes that the French agree that taxes and fees are too high in France, either generally speaking or with specific regard to those they themselves pay. This criticism does not, however, call into question the people’s consent to be taxed. Simply put, the poor feel they have been neglected and have not received enough compared to what they pay. A large majority of French people consider progressive taxation to be the preferred tool for reducing inequality. This principle is shared, albeit for different reasons, by different social groups and holders of diverse political opinions. Criticism of current fiscal unfairness is not made in the name of self-interest. Rather, agreement on the principles of taxation is undermined by the fact that, in one way or another, and by committing various frauds, too many people avoid taxation. JEL codes: D63, H31, Z13.


  • social justice
  • economic inequality
  • taxation
  • households
  • opinions
  • fiscal justice
Michel Forsé
Maxime Parodi
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