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Using the National Transfers Accounts, we describe the evolution of labor income and household production, by age and sex, in France between 1985 and 2010. We show that women’s higher labor market participation increased their share of labor earnings. But, in spite of this, their contribution to “global production,” defined as the sum of labor earnings and household production value, has modestly increased over the period (from 43% to 46% for women between 25 and 55). This result can be explained by the relative evolution of time spent in market and non‐market activities. Men’s yearly market work hours decreased between 1985 and 2010, while this decrease has been partially offset for women through their higher participation. Over this period, women withdrew substantially from domestic tasks, while men’s involvement remained largely unchanged. Consequently, the total amount of work decreased more for women than for men, while still remaining higher. If, as is often assumed, one hour of household production has less “value” than one market work hour, these changes did not affect women’s contribution to “global production.” JEL: J1, J16, J22


  • National Transfers Accounts
  • household production
  • market time
  • gender
  • time use
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