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Between openness to immigration and progress in redistribution, are we facing a dilemma that would force us to choose one or the other of these options? By examining data from the European Social Survey, and comparing the situations of ten European countries, it appears that immigration and social protection are not in conflict from the point of view of public opinion. Often it is the most socially protected societies that are most open. And this is not due to a so-called welfare magnet. This positive relationship between openness and protection is linked in particular to the feeling of trust in others which plays an important role in the articulation of these two dimensions.
JEL: D6, I31, J15.

  • redistribution
  • immigration
  • welfare state
  • solidarity
  • hospitality
  • inequalities
  • trust
  • free rider
  • Europe
Michel Forsé
Maxime Parodi
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