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In 2019-2020, the seminar on “Trajectories and Pathways of People Experiencing Poverty and Social Exclusion” jointly organised by the French national observatory on poverty and social exclusion (Onpes) and the French research, studies, evaluation and statistics directorate (Drees) combined knowledge from social sciences, public statistics, and the non-profit sector to shed light on different facets of poverty dynamics. Using original connections between presentations, empirical contributions have been highlighted in three areas: the determinants of poverty trajectories at the individual level, the role of public action in these pathways, and the reconfiguration of poverty dynamics over time. Finally, some methodological contributions have been drawn from this research work, in terms of critical reflection on indicators and of time-based information analysis techniques.

  • poverty
  • inequalities
  • public policies
  • trajectories
  • indicators
  • panels
Célia Bouchet
Nicolas Duvoux
Michèle Lelièvre
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