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‘˜Postmodern’ discourse is in the process of liquidating Modern Enlightenment’s figure of the free subject. Disillusioned by Great Ideals and emancipated of collective norms, characterized by his irreducible difference and potentialities for hybridization, the postmodern individual enjoys a de facto liberty in a henceforth open and fluid world that dispenses him from the exigencies of the fight against alienation and for social emancipation. The radical critique of the modern subject, however, has not been sufficiently aware of the co-incidence of the new individual and the triumph of the self-interested figure of homo oeconomicus within his world of networked global markets. Summoned to adapt to the transformations of globalized liberalism, his nomadic ‘liberty’ is but an erring in the fluxes of the fluid ‘new world’, while politics is reduced to the management of economic fluxes and their rhythms. Thinking liberation today therefore supposes be identified the organizing powers of social rhythms in favour of the market (and its capitalist individualization) in order to promote a new social individuation allowing for the participation of individuals to social creativity, i.e. to society’s choices.


Benjamin Fernandez
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